Technical data


News for health and safety Very low voltage, just 12 volts. Total safety given by the low voltage current transformation system. Electronic SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) transformer, manufactured to the strictest safety standards that guarantee maximum isolation from the electric under blanket. Safe even if accidentally wetted. 100% safe against electric shock.



Technology which employs textile carbon fibre resistors woven into the texture of the electric under blanket. An electric under blanket with no “metal wires” in the heated surface. The carbon filaments integrated in the weft generate heat, by Joule effect, when traversed by a low voltage electric current. A technological innovation able to create a uniform and constant irradiance over the entire surface, so as to allow a greater spread, distribution and homogeneity of the heat; for a feeling of diffused relaxing and regenerating warmth, much nicer than traditional solutions.

This also entails an overall improvement in the efficiency of the system and therefore reduced energy costs.
The main features of carbon fibre resistors are:
•    Non-metallic;
•    Do not oxides, long lasting, flexible and lightweight;
•    Greater heat diffusion capacity;
•    Not subject to thermal expansion;
•    Greater heat diffusion capacity;
•    Heat up much faster than other conductors, and require less energy to reach the same temperature;
•    Efficient in any temperature and humidity conditions.


temperaturaWith 4 temperature settings.
The system has automatic heat adjustment, and after 2 hours of being on, it takes the power output to level 2 if it had previously been set higher than that level.


time4-level programmable timer (1h, 2h, 5h and 9h) with automatic off at the end of each program. Each controller has a safety fuse to prevent any possible fault.


Apollo12 is a new generation electric under blanket run at very low voltage (12 volt).
it is totally safe even if the blanket is accidentally wetted,
and with no risk of electric shock.
Fast ignition and constant performance.
It reaches the set temperature in a few minutes
and maintains the heat level for the set time.
The innovative technology with carbon fibre resistors ensures the heat is spread more uniformly than traditional systems, with a much nicer feeling of diffused warmth.
This means improved overall efficiency and reduced energy costs.
The electronic transformer allows constantly adjusting the temperature to each individual’s needs.
The electric under blanket is mainly made from 100% flame retardant polyester fibres that are anallergic and anti-bacterial.
As light and flexible as a normal sheet.
Colour: white

Technical data

Internal heating section

Electric under blanket: fabric made from a weave of flame retardant polyester fibres, tinned copper power wires and carbon fibre resistor filaments.
Blanket power: 12 VAC/DC

Transformer: 230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz / 12 VAC 40KHz – 100W